About bucweeet

bucweeet (paul mckeen)

I’m a Winnipeg based photographer who started photography as a means to capture images so that when I retired I could use these images as a basis for other art work.

I don’t have a particular genre, so to speak. I make images of ‘whatever is in front of my nose’. From various aspects of nature (animals, birds, fauna, landscapes, etc.) to people to architecture. Although my favourite is most probably what I term…. ‘movement’. In other words, anything that involves movement. From sports to flying birds to animals running.

One of my recent projects it what I term – ‘The Texture of Light’, or the movement of a light emitting source as it travels through a space. Another project, or one of my ambitions is to both capture and control the human movement in images (other than sports).

What started with a Canon Rebel xTi and a casual observance of things that surround me, has turned into a full blown obsession.

I believe this is because the more I learn about photography, the more I realize I don’t know.

About bucweeet.ca

This site will be used to exhibit images taken by bucweeet (paul mckeen).

As you can see, it is currently under construction but will hopefully be up and running shortly.